how to make sorbet without sugar

How to Make Sorbet Without Sugar – A Healthy Treat

Those with a sweet tooth know how hard it is to ignore the cravings for sugary things like candy, and other unhealthy foods and snacks. The problem is that when you are consuming these foods, you know that they don’t add any nutritional value to your body. But still, you go right ahead and eat them. This article will show you how to make sorbet without sugar.
Here is a fact; a sweet tooth can cost you big time. It can wreak havoc on your health and lifestyle at any time. It is therefore crucial that you learn how to control your sweet tooth to be able to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

By being able to control your sweet tooth, I mean replacing those unhealthy snacks with healthier options that won’t have you worrying about your health or diet. A great alternative in this regard is Sorbet.

What is Sorbet Made of ?

Sorbet is a healthy snack that can be eaten as a dessert or just as a snack. It is more like ice cream but has all the goodness that ice cream lacks. Sorbet is made with natural fruits and flavor and is thus less fattening and healthier.

Sorbet is easy to make. You don’t need any fancy equipment for it as most sources claim. If you have a good blender for smoothies, you are good to go as this can also be used to make the sorbet. Plus, sorbet ingredients are readily available, and the process is very easy to follow.

All you have to do to make the perfect sorbet is to use the right ingredients and blender that is able to crush ice that will ensure that you get the texture right.

Here is how to make sorbet without sugar

Like I said, making sorbet is easy. Begin by gathering all of your intended ingredients in advance to help make the process easier and organized.
Your ingredients should include a fruit. You can use fresh fruit, frozen fruit, hard or soft fruit. It is all a matter of preference. Keep in mind that if you don’t have real fruit, you can still use fresh fruit juice- it still works.

As part of the ingredients, you also need some water and sugar for the syrup and little lemon, lime, or vinegar for acidity.
Once you have all this, you can proceed by first making the syrup. In a medium saucepan, put sugar and water in equal parts and bring to a boil. Let the sugar dissolve completely and forms a syrupy solution. You can add some honey or sweet wine for extra sweetness.
Next, take your fruit, the acid element, and together with the syrup, put everything into the blender and blend on high.

When using hard fruits, you may want to boil or cook the fruit first until tender before blending it with the other ingredients. Also, if using fruit juice, you can just add it to the sweetener and acidic element and mix them up in a bowl. You don’t need to puree or blend.

So now you have your blend/puree. The next move will be to freeze everything up. For this, you will pour your blended mixture into a bowl or onto a cookie sheet and toss it in the freezer. Once it is set, break it up and blend again. Remember that at this point, the mixture is frozen which means that you will need to use a blender that is able to crush ice to get the perfect texture.
So blend the frozen mixture until it reaches your desired sorbet consistency. For an ultra-smooth texture, freeze the puree and blend again.

There you have it, a simple guideline on how to make sorbet without sugar.
Remember, that this is not the only way to make sorbet. There are endless possibilities that allow you to use different ingredients and combinations. Search the internet for some of these recipes and try them out.

You will be amazed to know that you can even use alcohol to make sorbet. Just make sure that kids won’t be partaking in this ‘adult treat.’
The bottom line here is that sorbet can make for an excellent snack that you can eat any day anytime. It is especially useful for those of us with uncontrollable cravings as it is healthy and easy to fix. If you have any question for how to make sorbet without sugar just leave it comment.

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