fruit smoothies recipe with yogurt

Fruit Smoothies Recipe With Yogurt – Healty Tips

As I said in my first article 6 Reasons to drink the daily smoothie, perfect fruit smoothies recipe with yogurt diet menu is very good for you in summer or every day. But not many people know some of the things to do or is prepared to make a smoothie with just the right amount of the right and also refreshing. In the article this time I will discuss some of the recipes make a smoothie as well as the benefits of each of the contained materials that I use.


Banana is one of high nutritious fruit in addition to maintaining heart health, and bananas can also lower the risk of cancer. Even the banana fruit is also not too expensive in supermarkets. The usual way of concluding that is I freeze bananas first. By freezing the bananas, I don’t need to use ice in drinks which I will create. Frozen banana is a menu choice that most interest me. Don’t forget to peel the bananas first before freeze it. I like to freeze my fruit in a single layer on a baking sheet this prevents it from all clumping and sticking together.

Use peanut butter or almond as alternative

In addition to the materials could be the glut of bananas is peanut butter. Its high content of fiber and protein contained in it make the stomach feel full. In addition to these food ingredients also include fat that is good for the body. You can also replace this with strips of walnut or almond nuts.

Orange Fruit Smoothies Recipe with Yogurt

Yogurt is one of the favorite materials that I use often. Yogurt is beneficial to keep bones stay healthy because they contain calcium and vitamin D as well. It also is capable of lowering high blood pressure. Using yogurt as the mixture of materials make your drink as added ice into it. Orange make your drink much fresher.

Using Pineapple and Mangoes to Create Perfect Smoothie

I always love yellow smoothie with pineapple and mangoes. It to start off my week it’s perfect for a gloomy Monday morning to get to go. We start with a half a Cup of pineapple juice. If you don’t have time to produce, it’s okay you could also use orange juice or even almond milk in this recipe would work just as well too. After that, we are going to add a half a Cup of Greek yogurt. This is going to add a little bit of much-needed protein into our smoothies. Then we are going to top it with some tasty fruits like some frozen pineapple and mangoes and some delicious banana. Finally, we’re going to hit it with a little bit of grated ginger just to liven it all up.

Orange Perfect Smoothie

I call this my orange smoothie. We are starting with some orange juice about half a cup. To that we are going to add a half a Cup of Greek yogurt for protein, one peeled orange frozen, half a peach also peeled and frozen and finally one shredded carrot. I love sneaking vegetables into this smoothie when nobody’s looking. They will never even taste it.

Watermelon & Strawberries Fruit Smoothies Recipe with Yogurt

This is my bright and beautiful fruit smoothies recipe with yogurt for this ruby red smoothie that features watermelon, strawberries, fresh raspberries and yogurt. It’s delicious. We are going to mix it all up with a little bit of almond milk and some Greek yogurt. I am using vanilla flavored Greek yogurt for this recipe.
These are incredibly delicious packed full of nutrients. I hope you will give them a try and let me know how it goes. I love hearing you and your favorite recipe.

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Why Is It Important to Eat Healthy

Why Is It Important to Eat Healthy With Drink Smoothie

Everyday people usually do many things to diet but does not know why is it important to eat healthy and benefits of smoothies. But one of my secret to losing my weight is drink smoothies. You can make it from fruits, vegetables, seeds, and nuts. Beside this drink, so simple to make, consumed this daily drink basis can make your body feel fresh, healthy and make your body more energic. I will tell you other reasons to add a smoothie as one of your favorite drink every morning.

1. Why is it important to eat healthy for body

Food or drink that is quickly absorbed by the body can make our digestive system is better because it can give you a lot of time for the body to rest. The activities we do a day can drain a lot of the body’s energy. To provide a part of power from the digestive process to other automated energy that we can use for daily activities can grow more. Green vegetables like spinach or broccoli can help your body gain alkaline. This kind of food is also needed by our body to neutralize the adverse effects of toxins from food.

2.One way to make kids love vegetables and fruits

All children love the drinks especially ice added syrup inside. But not all children are fond of vegetables and fruits and know benefits of smoothies. One way I demonstrated to them how Delish veggies and fruits is to make smoothies. You can hide the greens like spinach or melon into their drinks every day.

3. Quick and easy to do

Unlike other breakfast menus that I usually make to my beloved family beside my lovely cake Funfetti Pound Cake, the smoothie is a breakfast menu most quickly and easily that I created. You just need to mix some green vegetables and combined with fruits and a little milk. Woalaaah glut breakfast menu as well as refreshing for you and your family are ready to present.

4. It’s so fun…

In my opinion, make smoothies are one of the most enjoyable things. The usual cake I make the exact composition had to use and the right materials. As for making this drink, I could make some experiments with a variety of fruits and vegetables where the results can vary. If tasty and can be drunk, could become the new drink recipes for my family and me. But being the funniest thing when all the material I combine really can’t be drunk. Thanks to the few times the process of creating, testing and give it a try I’m sure you can also get the recipe for the perfect drink.

5. Beneficial to colon

From the info I know, consuming vegetables and fruit not only makes the body more refreshed in the morning, but also good for the colon. Blueberries can reduce the toxic chemicals that are not desirable in the colon. Bananas very rewarding improving bowel health. Fruits rich in vitamin C such as oranges can increase immune health as well as your stomach.
I also often add nuts in my drinks, since it contained substances calcium, iron, potassium, B vitamins, and protein.

6. Make sleep more soundly is one of benefits of smoothies

When we consume foods rich in fiber are healthy and not just make the body become cleaner but make our mind also becomes cleaner. When we can sleep better will wake our feeling more refreshed and energized too. Consume a lot of sugar from cake or chocolate can make the body become slow and hard to move, unlike the case with a lot of consuming vegetables and fruit will make the body more fresh. Additionally, fruit combination of bananas, almond, cherries gives me more promote better sleep.

I think that’s all my reasons to drink smoothie daily. Please make it your smoothie drink and feel free to share the recipe with me.

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